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J-CARBON met wieg

Our premium all-new carbon fibre stroller model, the J-CARBON met wieg is the ultimate in style, comfort and quality. A stroller you want to be seen out and about with. The stroller for babies going somewhere.

Renowned for its robust qualities, carbon fibre was an obvious choice for a stroller.

More often seen in the aerospace, civil engineering and motorsports industries, carbon fibre is a premium material with distinct advantages over other similar fibres. The high tensile strength and low weight of carbon fibre stood out to the JUNIORJONES development team as being particularly desirable features for a stroller.

Not only does carbon fibre have advantages from an engineering perspective – it looks beautiful too. The look of carbon fibre is unmistakable and hard to replicate with other materials. Our carbon fibre stroller is a joy to look at and is incredibly tactile – the ergonomic carbon handlebar is almost warm to the touch and there is a matching bumper bar so that your baby can also enjoy the experience.


The innovative chassis is formed from carbon fibre and is the first of its kind. The seamlessly sleek carbon fibre components make this stroller extremely strong and durable but still comparatively lightweight. The ergonomically-shaped handlebar feels satisfying to the touch and is designed for ultimate comfort while pushing. It also has a matching ergonomic bumper bar for your baby to hold on to.


The J-CARBON isn’t just innovative in looks and materials – every detail has been considered to maximise your baby’s comfort and safety. Truly a stroller for babies who deserve the best of everything.